The waffle that goes Beyond Breakfast.

WaffleWaffle was founded by Justin Samuels and Sam Rockwell while in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During their travels abroad, co-founders Justin and Sam discovered delicious waffles in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. Inspired by their travels, Justin & Sam were determined to create THE best waffle in the world. We come to you with great news; mission accomplished!

A WaffleWaffle is a wonderful dough-based Belgian-style waffle with an American twist. Be indulgent, be adventurous, and have fun because with WaffleWaffle there is no wrong time, or way to go #BeyondBreakfast. 


Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

  • Committed to sustainability. Every WaffleWaffle is made using the most sustainable practices, and the most energy efficient methods.
  • Renewable Resources. All products and packaging are made using wholesome ingredients, renewable resources, & wind power.
  • Locally-minded. WaffleWaffle is committed to using local materials and working with local suppliers. We are a growing company, and use every opportunity to partner with other growing companies, and support local communities.
  • We are conscious capitalists. We can achieve success while taking care of our community and environment, and will always remain committed and grateful for the people, places, and things that have helped us to grow!

Meet the WaffleWaffle team