Climbing a mountain. Losing those pesky last few pounds. Writing the next “great American novel”.  Finding your way to the gym – and actually working out… regularly. We all have goals that we’ve set for ourselves. Usually, they appear in the form of “New Year’s Resolutions” which at midnight, fueled by champagne, sound great.  The next morning however can be a different story.  Seeing yourself reach the goals you’ve set is hard work, for all of us.  


Here at Waffle Waffle, we’ve had a goal in mind from the beginning – to bring a delicious Belgian style waffle to as many people that we could. It’s been six years since Sam and Justin began this adventure. Through their hard work, combined with that of the entire team, we’ve hit a milestone in that goal. Waffle Waffle is proud to announce that you can now purchase our delicious waffles at the world’s largest retailer – Walmart! Located in the frozen pastry aisle, you’ll find four of our delicious flavors including – Double Chocolate, BerryBerry Patriotic, Cinnamon Roll and Red Velvet.


Seeing our product proudly displayed on Walmart’s shelves brings us one step closer to accomplishing our goal.   For all of you that have contacted us with your congratulations on this momentous step, we thank you – thank you thank you thank you! We’re going to keep working to reach our goals and we’ll be there with you as you chase after your goals. That’s what we do – WaffleWaffle goes with you beyond breakfast as you strive to accomplish your goals!