Want to give your WaffleWaffles some pizzazz? Well we donut lie when we say, Glazed WaffleWaffle Donuts are so easy and SUPER fun to make. 


glazed waffle donut


Our frozen waffles make whipping up these crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, gorgeous treats a breeze. Most likely you’ll have everything needed for this easy glaze in your home already, and if your freezer isn’t already stocked with WaffleWaffle’s, well hey! better late than never. You can save money on all of your waffle purchases at Walmart when you download the app Ibotta and search the WaffleWaffle rebate!

Glazed WaffleWaffle Donuts

 All you’ll need is:

  1. 3 c Powdered sugar 
  2. 6-7 tbs. Milk or water 
  3. Food coloring 
  4. Sprinkles


Combine 3 cups of powdered sugar with 6 to 7 tablespoons of milk or water and stir.  


glazed waffle donut



glazed waffle donut


Separate the mix into however many different colors of glaze you would like, putting each in a separate bowl.




Next, drop the desired amount of food coloring drops into the different bowls and mix until the color is completely incorporated. 


  • Baby Pink – 1 drop of red
  • Hot Pink – 2-3 drops of red
  • Purple – 2 drops of red + 2 drops of blue

Dip your waffle into the color glaze of your choice.  While it’s still wet add the sprinkles.




And just like that you have our donut inspired WaffleWaffle treat!



glazed waffle donuts





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