March 28, 2016


WaffleWaffle, an All-American company delivering waffles that go so beyond breakfast they deserve a category all their own, announces the launch of their new product; WaffleWaffle Waffle Poppers. Today, this close knit Belgian waffle family is proud to unleash their chocolate chip Waffle Poppers being sold exclusively at select Sam’s Clubs.

“We strive to bring the world the highest quality waffle using the finest ingredients. We also want to make life easier for our consumers and a Waffle Popper that requires ZERO syrup will do just that!” said Sam Rockwell, WaffleWaffle’s CEO & co-founder.

Sam’s Club shoppers will be thrilled with these bite-sized frozen waffles. But don’t be fooled by their small size, Waffle poppers are packed with flavor & personality! And with the use of Pearl Sugar, the consumer gets a sweet crunch in every bite that’ll satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth (which should be everyone!)

Poppers bring convenience for those constantly on the move with the option of taking a delicious breakfast or snack on-the-go. Simply throw Poppers in a ziploc bag, container, or get fancy and put some in a mason jar! No matter the time or the place the whole WaffleWaffle family is prepared to join. Now  their newest waffle family member, waffle poppers, are chomping at the bit to join in our all the adventures life has to offer too.


Get your hands on these frozen waffle Poppers (64c) at select Sam’s Clubs in the area or order online! To find them in your nearest Sam’s Club click here

or contact WaffleWaffle directly about how to get your hands on their Poppers

About WaffleWaffle (yes they’re so good, we named it twice)

A waffle inspired by their travels, & born in the USA. WaffleWaffle was founded by Justin Samuels and Sam Rockwell while in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As friends from the Wisconsin School of Business, both were always looking for the next great idea. And then it hit them – Waffles! While traveling the world, co-founders Justin and Sam discovered delicious waffles in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. Inspired by their travels, Justin and Sam were determined to bring elements from all waffles together to create the best waffle in the world. A WaffleWaffle is a wonderful dough-based waffle made with a distinctive blend of sugars, and packed full of the flavors waffle lovers enjoy most!