Gourmet waffles that go beyond breakfast

WaffleWaffle is dedicated to providing a quality waffle that can be easily customized for any business application. We are committed to: the freshest ingredients, the highest quality materials, value driven manufacturing, superior customer service, packaging with minimal footprint, renewable energy sources.

Look for our new Grab-n-go WaffleWaffles at a 7-Eleven near you!

WaffleWaffle Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

WaffleWaffle Buttery Vanilla

Buttery Vanilla

WaffleWaffle Buttery Maple

Buttery Maple

Get ready for our brand new line of Hunger Bustin’ sandwiches & breakfast bowls hitting shelves at a Walmart near you!

Southern Style Pulled Pork Egg & Cheese 

14g of Protein per servingSouthern Style Pulled Pork Egg & Cheese

Delicious Southern Style pulled pork, egg, and cheese on an original flat bottom WaffleWaffle.

Blazin’ Hot Buffalo Chicken Egg & Cheese

16g of Protein per servingBlazin’ Hot Buffalo Chicken Egg & Cheese

Get fired up with our new protein packed spicy buffalo chicken, egg, and cheese sandwich on our original flat bottom WaffleWaffle.

Homestyle Sausage Egg & Cheese

13g of Protein per servingHomestyle Sausage Egg & Cheese

Sweet meets savory with our yummy sausage, egg, & cheese on our maple flat bottom WaffleWaffle.

Sweet-n-Savory Meat Lovers Bowl

17g of Protein per servingSweet-n-Savory Meat Lovers Bowl

Start your day with this hearty breakfast bowl! Maple WaffleWaffle, fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese sauce.


Meet the newest member to join our waffle family. Our traditional Stroopwafel is both soft and chewy with delicious caramel syrup in the middle.

WaffleWaffle Stroopwafel



Ready to Heat WaffleWaffles

Double Chocolate WaffleWaffle
Cinnamon Roll WaffleWaffle
Red Velvet WaffleWaffle
Gourmet Belgian Waffles by WaffleWaffle
WaffleWaffle - Cinnamon

Belgian Chocolate Cocoa Waffles by WaffleWaffle

WaffleWaffle - Chocolate Chip
WaffleWaffle - Red Velvet
WaffleWaffle - Maple Bacon Waffle

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