Trying to find the perfect crowd pleasing Super Bowl snack? Look no further WaffleWaffle is to the rescue with Super Bowl 50 inspired Chicken and Waffle bites! These super easy (& ridiculously good) snacks will not only be the first to disappear off the plate but they’ll be the star of the game – on and off the field (; !


Super bowl 50 chicken and waffle bites

Three simple steps and you’re out the door and on your way to enjoy friends, family, and FOOTBALL! Game day essentials always start with chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip, fried chicken, you name it chicken is most definitely a necessity and lucky for us Chicken and Waffles are the latest trend (who doesn’t love em!).

What you’ll need:

  • A frozen box (contains 4 3.0 oz. waffles) of WaffleWaffle’s – cut into desired pieces
    • We got probably 4 0r 5 little waffle bites from one waffle
    • Toast them in a toaster oven or bake them in the oven at 400° F for 4-5 minutes
  • CHICKEN! – crispy chicken, chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken … really all depends on preference!
  • Tooth picks or skewers (to keep it all together!)
  • “Game Day” themed print outs – we found these little guys on Pinterest for FREE thanks to  Willard & May !
  • A dipping sauce or drizzle of any kind  – now this is where this can get fun because not only are your options pretty much unlimited but you can really get creative with mixing and matching dipping sauces
    • For sweet and spicy try Honey Sriracha
    • For a classic drizzle on some of your favorite maple syrup!
    • Whichever dip/drizzles you choose will make the perfect pair for this irresistible  duo

super bowl 50 inspired chicken and waffle bites




vsco-photo-2 (5)

To assemble these guys take your toasted waffle bite and your chicken of choice. Stack them on top of each other and push skewer (or tooth pick) all the way through. If you choose to drizzle rather then dip, drizzle before you decorate/dress the bites with Game Day attire. Cut out any print out of your choice, our’s are from Willard & May then tape them to the top of whatever is holding your bites together. And ta-da! Your Chicken and Waffle Game Day inspired bites are ready to rock and roll!

It’s also a fun idea to print out a large cut out of a football field or an end zone to place your Chicken and Waffle bites on as well! The nice part about these bites are that they are SO super easy which gives you more time to spend on the presentation of them – which will in turn impress your friends & family even more!

Let us know what you think by commenting, sharing, & posting! With WaffleWaffle the possibilities are endless and ridiculously good. Show us how you waffle this game day and use the hashtag #beyondbreakfast and tag us in your photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! We love to see your waffles and we love even more to see all the many ways and places you enjoy your WaffleWaffle!