Waffle pops!  You’ve seen them everywhere from music festivals, to Instagram, to the city street corners.  This food trend is sweeping the nation so naturally we decided to jump on the bandwagon but obviously with our own WaffleWaffle twist.  So grab a pen and paper as we guide you through our colorful Tour de WaffleWaffle pops.


In color order:

Strawberry shortcake:  This mouthwatering waffle pop is giving the beloved ice cream bar a run for its money.  It’s fruity, it’s fresh and it’s down right delicious!  With melted chocolate, strawberry chunks, graham crackers and cream cheese frosting you’ll be sure to impress pretty much anyone.


Animal Crackers:  This wild waffle pop won’t leave you running from lions and tigers and bears.  What could be a more fun pop than DIY frosted animal crackers piled on a WaffleWaffle, coated AND drizzled with white chocolate.  We think the inner kid in all of us is jumping up and down!


Orange Sprinkles: Everything tastes better with sprinkles, and our orange sprinkle pop is no exception.  It shines as bright as it tastes, and it tastes pretty delicious if you ask us.  Just dip your waffle in some orange melting chocolate and go to town with your favorite sprinkles.  Seriously there is no such thing as too many sprinkles.  Drizzle with white chocolate and voila, you’re ready to indulge!


Trix:  Trix are no longer for just kids with this pop. The nostalgic taste of this breakfast cereal with our waffle leaves your taste buds very happy.  A dip into pink melting chocolate, combined with crushed Trix cereal and topped with white chocolate; what more could you ask for?


Peaches and Cream:  There’s no better time to use peaches than in the summer!  They’re fresh and juicy and fit perfectly onto our pops.  With our waffle dipped in cream cheese frosting, topped with perfectly ripened peaches, and loaded on with a graham cracker “crust” you’ll definitely feel like it’s summer time.


Yellow Sprinkles:  Why only limit yourself to orange sprinkles?  Our waffle pops work with every color under the sun!  All you need to do is repeat the same process as the orange sprinkles but for the color of your choosing, yellow included.


Orange Dreamsicle:  This dreamy pop never looked, nor tasted so sweet.  With some refreshing orange slices it’s practically guilt free! With some orange glaze and a white chocolate drizzle you can’t go wrong!


Lucky Charms:  This Lucky Charms pop is seriously magically delicious.  Nothing is sweeter than a WaffleWaffle covered in Lucky Charms cereal and chocolate!


Mint Chocolate:  Mint and chocolate, what a great duo and it pairs great with our waffle pops!  All you have to do is melt some green melting chocolate (feel free to add some mint extract if you really like it minty.)  Top the waffle with mint cookies and candies for the ultimate minty experience.


Key Lime Pie:  Lime, cheesecake frosting, graham crackers and white chocolate makes us wish we were sitting on a beach with a cold drink in our hand enjoying the summer breeze.  Instead, we’re sitting on a lawn chair in our front yards while cars pass by.  The only bright side is we have our key lime pie pop in our hands and that’s good enough for us!


Cookie Monster:  Cookie Monster should be very proud of this waffle pop we’ve created in his honor.  We dipped our waffles in blue melting chocolate and crumbled chocolate chip, chocolate sandwich, and mint chocolate cookies for the ultimate cookie MONSTER of a pop.  But why stop there when you can top with with a white chocolate drizzle, yum!


Blueberry Pie: Move over traditional blueberry pie because this blueberry waffle pop is about to steal the show!  With fresh blueberries, cream cheese frosting and graham crackers it’ll taste as good, if not better, than the real thing!


Purple Sprinkles:  Seriously, we can’t get enough of these sprinkles!  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple – any color you name it can work with our waffle pops!


Cinnamon Toast Crunch:  One of America’s favorite cereals; Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  It’s cinnamony goodness coated in more cinnamon sugar and cream cheese frosting.  Nothing has ever sounded so delicious.


Chocolate Hazelnut:  Oh chocolate and hazelnuts, how we love you so. We could easily shovel spoonfuls of chocolate hazelnut spread into our mouths but decided it should all go on a waffle instead; this was definitely the right decision.  Of course why stop there when we can top the waffle pop with crushed chocolate hazelnut candies AND drizzle it with more chocolate.  This pop is definitely not for the weak!


Kitchen Sink:  This waffle pop is literally everything but the kitchen sink.  Chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, potato chips, caramel – seriously the options are endless.  But in all honesty, our waffles are so good they might even make the kitchen sink taste better.  


Peanut Butter and Chocolate:  Peanut butter, chocolate, WaffleWaffle.  Name a better trio, we’ll wait.  Seriously, what could possibly be a better combination than melty peanut butter, decadent chocolate, peanut butter cups and WaffleWaffle?! Probably nothing.  But hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinions.  


S’mores: Gimme gimme s’more, gimme s’more, gimme gimme s’more.  Britney Spear may have SAID it better herself but we MADE it better ourselves!  Taking the classic graham cracker, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow combination we’ve upped the ante by piling it onto our WaffleWaffle pops.  And of course we cannot forget the chocolate drizzle!


Rocky Road:  Rocky road, take me home, to a place, I belong – which is our happy place once we take a bite out of this rocky road waffle pop! Chocolate, almonds, and marshmallows left a party in our tummies and we’re sure they’ll leave one in yours too.  


Cookies ‘n Cream: Honestly, if a dessert wasn’t made into a cookies ‘n cream flavor, was it really a dessert?  Probably not which is why we HAD to add it onto our waffle pops.  Our mouth is already drooling over the thought of a WaffleWaffle dipped in white chocolate, covered in crushed sandwich cookies and topped with even more white chocolate!


Seriously, you guys should probably cancel all of your weekend plans and just have a waffle pop marathon because these guys are hard to resist!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our tasty creations.