When we were invited by Peter Tuchman aka the infamous NYSEinstein to serve waffles during opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Several boxes packed to the max, three team members (& me.. the intern), a broken umbrella, and a few overly crowded train and subway rides later we arrived. Our waffles made it through the hungry eyes of the security guards and they were elated when we shared a few waffles and satisfied their hunger.  Breakfast was served after opening bell and people just couldn’t get enough. Out of the four flavors and hundreds of samples that we brought with us (original, red velvet, cinnamon, and chocolate) red velvet definitely got the most attention.  The other flavors were doing awesome as well.   When everyone had full stomachs and enough waffles to last them the rest of the week we knew our job was done. So back to NJ we went. Thanks Peter being at the NYSE with WaffleWaffle’s is something we will never forget. It was a blast!

NYSE waffle wafflewaffleNYSE waffle wafflewaffle